A blog devoted to quality of life in Ireland; how we’ve screwed it up and how this makes us less happy than we should be.  Names will have to be mentioned, blame apportioned and ridicule may be inevitable.  Hypocrisy will be noted, especially from contributors – and INEVITABLY from me  –  but self-righteousness avoided. A backlash on a scandal on a controversy can be expected.  A sense of humour should animate the blog’s approach to this.

Positive solutions that advance quality of life, are carbon friendly and sustainable will be advanced, especially where they are exciting and fresh, not merely worthy. Unfortunately we may have to include too many pictures of good-looking schemes, ideas and people to avoid old-fashioned dullness.

Readers are invited to contribute news of corruption, either in private to me, the blogger (michaelsmith@eircom.net) or to  the blog itself. Defamatory, politically incorrect and  unfunny material will not be tolerated.


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